Chairman's Message

A school is indeed the foundation of an individual’s life. It is the sacred area a child’s emotional and intellectual quotient is drawn. Students practice and play. Learn and live and build the foundation of their life. We at M.S.M.P.S. are committed to giving each one of our students an education and a learning experience of a lifetime.

An educational system is worth a great deal if it teaches young minds how to make a life rather than just making a living.’’ Under M.S.M.P.S. you are assured that the delivery of education in our school is innovation, consonantly monitored, reviewed and of high quality international standards. We take pride in offering the best education system to our students through the M.S.M.P.S. Unique curriculum. I hereby invite you to make your child a part of this institute of learning and growing. I invite you all to be part of the M.S.M.P.S. experience.
Dr. C.B. Singh