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M.S. Memorial Public School
Affiliated to CBSE Upto 12th, New Delhi

Health Care

One of the best Pediatricians of Motihari visits the school infirmary daily and one of the best muti-speciality hospitals of Motihari provides emergency & hospitalization facilities. A Qualified nurse & an assistant supervise infirmary round the Clock. Parent must provide full and correct information of the child in the medical form.

Parent who hide facts about a child's infirmity will do so at their own risk. No child is permitted to keep any medicine within him/her. If a child is under treatment the medicine and the prescription must be handed over to the infirmary and the House parent informed.

Information to Parents about a child's health

Children in Motihari normally enjoy good health. However seasonal changes do result in cold, cough, fever persists beyond two days. In case of a major injury the Parent is informed at the earliest.

Children must be treated for worms, lice and have a dental, eye & medical check up before they return to school at the end of every vacation the information in writing with copies of all records (diagnosis, prescription, pathological reports, X-rays etc.), must be handed over to the infirmary.

A copy of the fitness certificate must be submitted to the infirmary when school opens. Children who were glasses must be provided with two pairs and a copy of the Oculists prescriptionely introduced to make the learning process more interesting.


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